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Are you tired of struggling to make money? Is your business not giving you the expected results? Are you failing to reach your expected targets even after putting your best efforts in your business/Job?  Then you are on the right page.

In this article I have explained why most businesses fail and also have explained the fundamentals of marketing required to achieve your desired results in business or career












Set a financial goal and create a plan to achieve it. It is always the right methodology to fix the mile stone and work towards achieving it. This method has 99% success rate.

Say you fix a target to earn 1 crore rupees in 1 year. How will you achieve this? This could be you sell a product of Rs. 100 to 1 lakh customers or you sell a product of 1000 rupees to 10000 customers. Your target of 1 crore is achieved. Isn’t this simple math. Please check the table and graph below for better understanding.

This concept is explained beautifully in Digital Marketing course by Digital Deepak. I recommend you to join this course as THE BASICS OF MARKETING have been made so simple and doable in this course.

Cost of product in Rupees No. of sales Total Revenue in Rupees
100 100000 10000000
1000 10000 10000000
100000 1000 10000000




If you have to be successful in your venture you have to have to promote or market yourself or your product. You should always use or utilize every occasion or situation or crisis to market your product or skill.

T Harv Eker, Author of the bestselling book “Secrets of Millionaires Mindset” says that a successful person will never hesitate to market themselves or promote themselves.

Successful people are excellent promoters. They can and are willing to promote/market their products, their services, ideas with passion and enthusiasm

Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, points out that every business including writing books depends on selling. He notes that he is recognized as the BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, not Best writing author.

To do the best selling you should be a great promoter. Which means that you have to be adept at selling, inspiring and motivating people to by your vision

Some people feel that promotion is beneath them, this Harv eker calls “High and mighty syndrome”. How will people buy from you if they don’t know that you have something which is needed for their living. Why will people approach you if they don’t know what you have to offer to them, even if you have the best product in the world?

Business exists on this earth from ancient age. Business used to be done in barter system. That is products used to be exchanged for other products. Slowly evolution happened that products were being exchanged for currency. So, for a business to flourish marketing is necessary. Hence Marketing existed from ancient ages as well. Even in those days there were very successful business men and unsuccessful ones. All this success depended on the marketing strategies adopted by the business men. Those smart business men were very good at marketing

Hence marketing existed in the past, are existing in the present and will exist in the future. Hence efficient marketing is the key for success of your business

Every part of our lives involves marketing, not only in business but also our personal lives. Example getting a job, you will have to market yourself, you have to market yourself to show your performance in any work place/company/office etc.



Most businesses or careers fails because they don’t promote themselves properly or effectively. In simple words they do not market themselves properly.

They don’t do marketing properly because they don’t understand the exact requirements of the customer or the end user. If you do not understand the exact requirement of the customer, you fail to FULFIL their requirement. If you cannot fulfil their requirement, customer will not approach you. Hence it is very important to understand the customer thoroughly

Here is the super important principle you should know. When it comes to someone/customer buying something from you. To every customer you have to answer 2 questions of them.

First one is “why should I buy this product?”

It means you have to make your customer know why should they buy this product. How is this product useful to them? What are the advantages of this product? What way is this useful to them in their lives?

Best examples are the ads you see in the television like, Health insurance company says “be financially ready to face any major medical expenses for you and your family in future”

Second question is “why should I buy this product from you?” It means that you have to make the customer understand why should they buy this product from you. There could be so many players in the market who have the same product. What is so special about your product. What is that your product is different from others. It could be the quality of the product, durability, after sales service or could be the special features in your product

Any detergent company says that their product cleans the clothes from any kind of dirt better than any other detergents

If these questions are answered clearly and crisply then you will be successful in your venture. To do this your communication plays a major role



Communication is nothing but conveying the content in your mind to others with the same meaning, feeling, understanding as in your mind in any language.

Lot of people get confused with communication and language. Language is a mode of communication. You can communicate in any language. You can communicate in any mode. But the inference is that you have to give a clear-cut understanding of your product to the buyer. Message should not be vague. It should exactly state whom is your product for, what business is this useful for, which pain point will this solve for the buyer etc.

For example, 1: “Do you want to learn Digital Marketing, I have the solution. Go to

Example, 2: “If you are embarrassed by your weight, we can help. Go to

Your communication should STATE the problem clearly and the solution for the same. This is called effective communication. If you do this right nobody can stop you from success.



As I mentioned earlier language is a mode of communication. Similarly, communication can be in different modes which generally people call it as modes of marketing. It could be via television ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, videos, articles, mails, social media etc.

Depending on the type of your product these modes can be chosen. Depending on the type of audience or customers you are targeting, depending on the region where your audience exist, depending on the age group your customers are, depending on the which gender you are targeting you can choose the mode of communication.

For example, mobile phones are a general product, which is used by all types of people in the world, hence a TV ad or a radio ad or a news paper ad will work the best.

A fitness product could work best with a social media ad etc.



Digital marketing is a mode of marketing. Marketing done via Blog, YouTube videos, e-mails, Instagram, Facebook, Google are called as Digital marketing. Basics of marketing remain the same. But mode is DIGITAL. This a technology usage or a platform for marketing. But marketing concept remains the same. Mindset remains the same. Attitude or nature of buyers remain the same




Any products will be bought from the best brands. For example, Apple phones or Samsung phones are bought the most by people compared to any other brand. Why? These companies have built a brand.

XEROX is a photo copying machine. There are so many other brands of photocopying machine. Whereas most of the people call it as Xerox machine, or they call a copy as Xerox copy. That is the brand value they have created.

Hence Branding plays a very important role in selling your products. Branding is nothing but creating a trust with people. If that trust is built, people will buy from you without second thought.

How does this happen? This happens over a period of time; you have to gain the MASS TRUST as Deepak mentions in his Digital Marketing course. You have to show value in your product, you have to gain trust of people by your service.

This is again common sense that people seek for help from a trustworthy person, whom they know well, whom they believe in. The same applies here, customers seek your product when they know you well, when they believe in you, when they feel your content is meaningful, when they feel that you are trust worthy.

You can achieve this level of popularity when you understand the requirements or problems of the customers exactly. When you know their pain points precisely. When you start addressing these points through your products which will help the customers over come them. Then your product will build into a brand. If you are able to cater to a greater number of people, the more your brand value. If you create a value to people across the globe, then your brand will become a GLOBAL BRAND.

Hence selection of a product or choosing a niche plays a vital role

After finalizing the financial goals, it is very important to select your product or analyze your product if you already have one thoroughly.





Right Product at Right time to the right people at the right place:

It is very important to choose a right product for business.

And the same to be sold at the right place.

Simple example for understanding is that you have to set up a vegetable shop in a vegetable market, because people come there to buy vegetables only. People won’t come to buy clothes to a vegetable market. Though there will be hundreds of vegetable shops, but it is wise to start a vegetable business in that place. Now your business will flourish if you are selling something which is better than others and economical than others, you win

Sell products at the right time:

Another example to understand is clothes sales happen maximum for festivals. Push your sales at the time of festivals. Give the best discounts or strategized best schemes will sell your products easily.


Analysis of your product is very important.

Best fishing nets cannot be sold in a desert

Best quality Jackets or sweaters will be difficult to sell in a summer

Best guitar will be difficult to sell it to a non-musician

The understanding what I am trying to give in so many words is that the product should be analyzed before marketing.  How will you analyze a product? You can conduct a survey of the probability of selling your product, where, when, whom etc. I have provided a simple check list which may help you analyze your product.

I have prepared the below check list will give you an end-to-end process of your business.

I am sure by filling up this check list you will be able to do your business systematically and earn huge money and transform your business towards success. You can use this in your own format which is convenient to you



Name of the Product  
Type of the Product (Physical educational, software, consultancy etc.)  
What category of people is this product useful (High income group/Middle income group/Low-income group etc.)  
What age group of people will this product be useful  
Which gender is this product useful  
Which region of the world will this product use more  
What is the cost of the product  
Are there any other competitors for this product  
What is the cost, competitors are selling at  
Will that cost fetch you a profit  
In what way is your product better than your competition  
What is the size of your competitor  
Is it worth competing with your competitor  
What is the size of audience available for this product (this can be number of users)  
What is the percentage of people you expect to buy from you  
What type of marketing works best for this product (Traditional/digital) I have mentioned the modes of marketing in the previous paragraphs  




If marketing is done in a systematic method, there will never be failure in your business. That is CATT method. This I learnt from Digital Deepak.

C – Content

A – Attention

T – Trust

T- Transaction

Wealth = N^CATT

Where N = Niche

See how simple is the entire marketing is explained.

Select the appropriate Niche. Create Content about the niche. Content should be made interesting to the buyer. This should be exactly what the buyer is looking for. The content should be valuable, that customers feel attracted. Due to this value, gain the Trust of customers. Once the customers trust you and your product, close the Transaction with them


I am ending this writeup with an hope that you have understood Marketing to a large extent about the fundamentals of marketing.

Please write your comments about your understanding from this article, so that I can include the required content which will be helpful for your business




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